Turnaround School Partnership

Increase Your School's Performance Within 1 Year

Rapidly Reduce Interventions and Elevate Rigorous Core Instruction through Our Turnaround School Partnership

Getting Schools on the Path to Sustainable High Performance

In just one year, Deerwood and Flora Ridge Elementary Schools were able to exit from turnaround, making impressive gains through LSI's School Improvement Partnership model.

Deerwood and Flora Ridge improvements

Reverse Your School's Trajectory and Increase Academic Achievement

Research-Based Methodology

Access Research-Based Methodology

Our research-based methodology results in an academic classroom culture of student agency. Track implementation of the standards - provide actionable coaching and feedback and verify student evidence of learning.

Support Great Leadership

Build and Support Great Leadership Teams

This weekly implementation provides school leadership teams with a sharp focus and detailed plan of action to address barriers to improved core instruction.

Evidence-Based Interventions

Avoid the Risk of State-Mandated Accountability Requirements

Confidently move from mandated "Comprehensive Support and Improvement" or "Targeted Support and Improvement" through actions that meet ESSA requirements for evidence-based interventions.

The 4 Principal Factors that Affect School Improvement

4 Factors that Affect School Improvement


Download this free guide to help in developing and revising your school improvement plans. This guide includes the four most important elements of school improvement and their associated tasks.

We believe this can serve as a useful guide in improving school culture and moving forward.

Three Steps to a Sustainable Path Forward

You Schedule an Assessment

Schedule a free call with our Practice Leader where we listen to your challenges, what you want to achieve for your school/district and discuss our research-based methodology that produces proven results.

We Assess and Propose

We'll assess your school's situation and customize a plan that leverages coaching as a predominate support to schools to gauge and magnify the implementation effects. It also includes continuous metrics to ensure your goals are met.

You Succeed

We execute that plan together, providing expert team members to lead the transformation, so students excel, are equipped with 21st-century skills, and your teachers are more fulfilled.

See What's Included in a Turnaround School Partnership

James Mills, MEd

James Mills, MEd
Practice Leader, LSI Schools for Rigor
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The Learning Sciences Promise

At Learning Sciences, we hold ourselves accountable to help you achieve your goals. We partner with you to ensure you can break the cycle of low performance once and for all with a school improvement plan that provides a sustainable path forward.

  • Throughout the project, we conduct school board updates and community meetings to address issues and concerns before they arise and build a sense of trust.
  • We report our metrics every 30 days to ensure we are making progress and that we meet or exceed our plan for improvement, holding ourselves accountable to you.
  • We provide clear, outcome-based reports and communication that can be used to share with all stakeholders.

Why Trust Learning Sciences?

At Learning Sciences International, we know you want to be a leader of a high-achieving district, confident in the systems put in place to support previously struggling schools. Our proven model has helped district and school partners nationwide to transform low performing schools into models of student engagement, academic rigor, and high social and emotional skill.

As former district and school leaders we have experienced these same challenges firsthand. We know how frustrating, overwhelming, and terrifying this can be.

That's why our expert teams, led by former Principals, Teachers, Instructional Coaches and District/State Leaders have devoted the last several years to creating a research-based and field-tested method to dramatically improve even the most persistently struggling schools.

As your trusted partner, we hold ourselves accountable to make sure your struggling schools can break the cycle of low performance once and for all and launch them on a sustainable path to becoming models of rigorous instruction and student engagement.

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