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No matter how complex your K-12 questions, LSI has the capabilities and experience to deliver the answers you need to move forward. Our expert faculty will help you take decisive action that is both research and metric-driven in order to achieve the extraordinary outcomes you are looking for.

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Helping Get Your Schools Future Ready Today

We help K-12 leaders equip their schools with the right tools for success in a rapidly changing environment.

Successful School Improvement

  • Build agile data-driven leadership teams that test and learn together in a coordinated way.
  • Empower PLCs to explore new concepts, share expertise and insights, and engage in collective problem solving.

New Principal Skill Set

  • Master Scheduling to tackle complex challenges, expand staff capacity, and build strategic master schedules aligned to district goals.
  • Holding meaningful meetings that help teams align on the topics of discussion, air any concerns or obstacles, and have clarity on future actions.

Breakthrough Instruction Strategies

  • Leverage the data and science shown to effectively support pre-service, new, or struggling teachers.
  • Discover the fastest most effective route to standards-based classrooms and standard-based lesson planning.

Virtual Best Practices

  • Learn effectively to use a virtual platform to create meaningful connections, a culture of collaboration.
  • Maximize Google Classroom to share assignments, homework, newsletters and much more.

Exclusive Marzano Strategies

  • Changing how you assess student learning can dramatically improve teaching effectiveness, LSI’s exclusive suite of Marzano strategies provide immediate feedback on what works and what doesn’t.

Inspiring Coaching Tactics

  • Provide targeted coaching to identify and prioritize the needs of new teachers to grow teacher mindset and skill set.
  • Create a team of talented educators with the knowledge and skills to coach and support other teachers.

Why LSI Live Virtual Consulting?

  • Less costly and more readily accessible than onsite.
  • Customizable with new ideas and strategies designed to meet your specific needs.
  • Ready access to the latest expert research from LSI renowned research partners including, Robert Marzano, CASEL and Dylan Wiliam.
  • Interactive discussions, opportunities to question and dive deep into the content as well as review relevant research.
  • Accessible anywhere, on any web-enabled device for busy school leaders on the go.

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