Proven Models to Accelerate Any School Improvement Plan

Strategic frameworks that involve all stakeholders to establish a vision, set goals, outline action steps, and succeed
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Our Demonstration Schools model is proven to increase student engagement and performance.

No matter the size, socio-economic status, or current proficiency, all schools can elevate instructional systems that drive student learning.

Expert Coaching & Support

Our highly experienced experts work with your team shoulder-to-shoulder to implement evidence-based educational interventions based on individual school and district needs.

Student-Centered Learning

Through our exclusive academic teaming model, teachers empower students to take ownership of their/their peers’ learning through a student accountability system and structures for peer support.

Shared Accountability

We hold ourselves equally accountable. We do this by measuring at every step to make certain your school is hitting its goals. If not, we adjust and improve along the way to ensure you succeed!


We are dedicated to your success. We promise to deliver the latest research, and the most effective strategies for making dramatic, sustainable improvements in your schools and/or district.

This includes:

  • Training and empowering teachers to stay better informed than ever before about effective practice.
  • Supporting the process of self-evaluation, using research-based diagnostic tools to identify areas for improvement, and suggesting appropriate treatments.
  • Ensure every school has the capacity to improve and ensure underperformance or under-staffing is addressed swiftly.

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Michelle Fitzgerald, Ed.D.

KEY ROLES: Director, School Turnaround, middle school teacher, building administrator, district curriculum coordinator, assistant superintendent, and area superintendent – principal supervisor