External Management For Turning Around Low-Performing Schools

Prevent Closure and Build A Sustainable Future For Your School
and Your Students

100% SUCCESS: Partner With the Best External Operator

There are many reasons why schools struggle with low-performance and meeting outside standards. But there’s one way to turn it around: by working together. Partnering with your professionals and your community, we can work with you to:

  • Prevent the risk of closure or charter conversion due to state mandates
  • Improve teacher retention
  • Reduce absenteeism
  • Boost student engagement and parental involvement
  • Restore community pride in your school

We believe in public schools. We believe in your mission. We want to give you the tools to do what you love for the communities you serve.

Case Study: William D. Moseley Elementary School

From an “F” School to a Place Where All Students Thrive

The school had wavered between “D” and “F” school grades for nine years. In the 2016-2017 school year, Moseley was the fifth-lowest performing traditional public school in Florida.1 The following year, Putnam County School District hired Learning Sciences International (LSI) because the district believed that this investment would provide the right supports to lift Moseley out of turnaround and achieve its true potential.

After two years of intensive work, Moseley transcended from an “F” school to a “C”, and even more so a school where other parents are eager to enroll their children. It was the first time the school had earned a “C” in nine years.

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In two years, ELA proficiency on the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) increased by 20 percent and mathematics proficiency increased by 13 percent.
- 0 %
After one year of the new leadership team’s work supported by LSI, student referrals were down to 234 for the full year of 2017-2018, and 236 for the next year.
- 0 %
Teacher turnover decreased by 39 percent compared to the year before the school partnered with LSI as an external manager.
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“One of the things that drew us to LSI was that it was not program-based. Over time, we could substitute or replace curriculum materials or different programs, but the practices would remain because LSI helps to change educators’ way of work, their classroom practices, and their expectations for students.”

Jonathan Hinke | Director of School Improvement
Palatka, FL

Get Your Schools Out of External Management – And Keep Them Out

Our goal is to go beyond this year’s evaluation: it’s to make sure you don’t have the need for external school management in the future.


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Partnering for Equity and Trust

We help you exit external management status within the required timelines. Our field-tested methods help the cycle of low-performance and transform schools through the highest equity and access in core instruction.

Transform Classrooms Into Communities

Our team of external managers, led by former turnaround principals, helps the school create a culture of mutual accountability between students and teachers, an effective, enjoyable, and active learning environment.

Rekindle the Joy of Teaching and Learning

Students, teachers, and school leaders thrive. Absenteeism goes down. Teacher retention goes up. Teachers have more impact, feel more fulfilled, productive, and less stressed. Everyone holds a renewed sense of pride.

Picture of: Michelle Wilds

When LSI joined us, it made our work much easier and much more attainable. The beauty of LSI is it wasn’t just something extra to add-in.

Michelle WildsInstructional Coach, William D. Moseley
Elementary School, Putnam County, FL
Picture of: Shanna Cribbs

The biggest thing I got from LSI was confidence as a teacher because I know my kids are learning. I know I’m doing everything I can to give them exactly what they need to be successful.

Shanna CribbsFirst Grade Teacher
William D. Moseley Elementary School, Putnam County, FL

Our Track Record for Turning Around Low-Performing Schools

100% Success Rate with Our Partner Schools Since 2018

Raised school grades in one year and improve core instruction and avoided state-imposed requirements for school closure, charter conversion, or management by an external operator

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Selecting an external manager you can trust to lift your struggling schools out of external management and other state mandates is a difficult decision. Here’s how our process helps to make this an easier decision:

We provide clear, outcome-based reports and communication that can be used to share with all stakeholders

We report our metrics every 30 days to ensure we are making progress and that we meet or exceed our plan for improvement, holding ourselves accountable to you.

Throughout the project, we conduct school board updates and community meetings to address issues and concerns before they arise and build a sense of trust.

We hold ourselves accountable to make sure you can break the cycle of low performance once and for all and launch your schools on a sustainable path to becoming models of rigorous instruction and student engagement.

Boosting Achievement And Building a School Where All Students Thrive

Michelle Fitzgerald, Ed.D.

KEY ROLES: Director, School Turnaround, middle school teacher, building administrator, district curriculum coordinator, assistant superintendent, and area superintendent – principal supervisor

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We Assess and Propose

We’ll assess your school’s situation and customize a plan and proposal based on your needs and goals that include a systems assessment, transformation operator team composition, professional development, coaching, and other resources to exit external management status quickly and effectively.

You Succeed

We execute that plan together, providing expert team members to lead the transformation, so students excel, are equipped with 21st-century skills, and your teachers are more fulfilled. And, we complete the project within the timelines required by legislation.

“The distributive leadership component of the workings of our school relied heavily on our LSI coach. He helped to have conversations with us along the way whenever we were taking on too much work ourselves and to really remind us that we had other people who we could turn to on the campus to utilize them to their fullest potential.” – Renee Nellenbach, Principal Lakewood Elementary School (Fla.)

Top 10 Questions You Should Ask Your External Manager Provider

PEEK INSIDE: “It’s vital to have a comprehensive plan that also addresses areas such as budget, facilities, supplies, maintenance, food service, transportation, IT infrastructure and resources, and more.”

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Boosting Achievement And Building a School Where All Students Thrive

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Michelle Fitzgerald, Ed.D.

KEY ROLES: Director, School Turnaround, middle school teacher, building administrator, district curriculum coordinator, assistant superintendent, and area superintendent – principal supervisor


Rob Belous, MBA

KEY ROLES: Sr. Director of District Partnership, K-12 Teacher, turnaround administrator, district curriculum director and principal supervisor, leader in organizational design and reform


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