Proven School Improvement Plans for Low Performing Schools

A customizable system for: partnering side by side with your teachers and administrators to reach measurable goals

Supporting Teachers and Principals to Prevent Turnover and Get Results

An LSI partnership helps you work on your Complete Systems to ensure the root cause is expertly addressed by education experts who have sat in your seat and work side by side with you.

We do not administer temporary, quick-fix programs.

Our focus is on helping teachers and leaders who are exhausted on dead-end programs that don’t get results by sharpening their overall daily workload, so they are not running in overdrive. Don’t go through trial and errors on your own, bring in an experienced external operator in LSI who knows how to get results and has the metrics to prove it.

Michelle Fitzgerald, Ed.D.

KEY ROLES: Director, School Turnaround, middle school teacher, building administrator, district curriculum coordinator, assistant superintendent, and area superintendent – principal supervisor


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Highly Customized Systems for School Improvement
or Low Performing School Turnaround:

School Turnaround
Classroom Walkthroughs
External Management

Moseley Elementary School Staff and Teachers

“The relationship with LSI has been great. The LSI staff feels like a part of Moseley. It’s more than partnering with a business—I feel like everyone truly cares and is invested in Moseley, in the leadership team, and in the teachers and parents. That’s what it takes: for everyone to have the same mindset and belief together.” – Sarajean McDaniel, Principal, William D. Moseley Elementary School (Fla.)

Districts We Have Worked With

We are dedicated to your success. We promise to deliver the latest research, and the most effective strategies for making dramatic, sustainable improvements in your schools and/or district.

This includes:

  • Training and empowering teachers to stay better informed than ever before about effective practice.
  • Supporting the process of self-evaluation, using research-based diagnostic tools to identify areas for improvement, and suggesting appropriate treatments.
  • Ensure every school has the capacity to improve and ensure underperformance or under-staffing is addressed swiftly.


Customize Your School Improvement System

LSI is an External Operator and Turnaround expert with robust Marzano-based strategies to upgrade core instruction. If your school is experiencing lower than expected grades due to the pandemic, let us provide support.

The process you will experience, will improve your leadership skills and/or make you a more focused teacher whose instruction and tasks will have intentionality.