Performance Assessment

Performance Assessment

Showing What Students Know and Can Do

Susan M. Brookhart

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Deepens understanding of what performance assessment is, what purposes it serves, and how to use performance tasks and rubrics to support formative and summative assessment.

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It’s not just about what students know. What can students do with their knowledge? Tests show us what learners know, but well-designed performance assessment goes much further. It shows students the true purpose and value of their learning. It allows them to do something with their knowledge, transferring concepts and skills to situations beyond the ones in which they were learned. In Performance Assessment: Showing What Students Know and Can Do, educational consultant, professional developer, and author Susan M. Brookhart, Ph.D., shares her expertise on the topic of classroom performance assessment, bringing together practical, research-based information to deepen educators’ understanding of:
  • What performance assessment is and what purposes it serves
  • Designing performance tasks to teach and assess learning
  • Using rubrics to support formative and summative assessment
Readers learn how to clearly describe the criteria in tasks and rubrics while keeping the criteria in line with desired learning outcomes. Brookhart explores four general categories of performance assessment: simple processes, simple products, complex processes, and complex products, and addresses sampling issues and effective application with group work. The book then provides real-world recommendations for making performance assessment a routine part of instruction.
Product Code: BPP150601
ISBN: 9781941112304 | 06/10/15
Publisher: LSI


“Our nation needs to break away from the fixation on multiple-choice testing. This book promotes the need for performance assessments as part of a comprehensive approach to assessment and illustrates how to effectively and responsibly do this.”

—Jay McTighe, educational author and consultant

Performance Assessment confirms many of my practices and challenges my thinking! I teach various assessment-related courses at the university level, and I cannot wait to use this as a supplement to our textbook.”

—Amy L. Weems, 2013 Louisiana Teacher of the Year

“In a time where application of knowledge is a vital student learning outcome, Performance Assessment is absolutely relevant. The alignment to current expectations and practices (common core, standards, curricular goals, instructional objectives, and learning targets) only heightens its appeal to the practicing teacher.”

—Kristen C. Merrell, 2012 Missouri Teacher of the Year

“I found myself reading through this and immediately thinking of how I could incorporate more performance assessments in my class.”

—Todd E. Chappa, 2014 Michigan Teacher of the Year finalist

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